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Pom Boutique rainbow beaded purse


Colour plays an important part in our everyday lives and can have a huge impact on the way we feel. So, if like us you’re craving some vibrancy after a long winter, why not bring a splash of colour into your look to help banish that grey-sky feeling.


Beautifully Embellished Purses

Pom Boutique fruit slice beaded purses


Bold colours and tropical themes add a sense of fun to this season’s accessory collection, with purses that are sure to bring a lively twist to any style. You’ll find beautifully beaded pieces featuring striking designs such as fruit slices, parrots and rainbows.

Pom Boutique beaded watermelon purse

beaded watermelon purse £11.99

Pom Boutique beaded parrot purse

beaded parrot purse £13.99

Pom Boutique beaded strawberry purse

beaded strawberry purse £11.99


Colourful Print Scarves


Pom Boutique vibrant printed scarves


Scarves are a great way to bring colour into your wardrobe and lighter weight designs are ideal for the tricky season transitions. Use them for extra warmth when the sun isn’t shining, then just pop them in your handbag when they’re not needed.


Pom Boutique pistachio green metallic scarf

pistachio and rose gold scarf £12.99

Pom Boutique coral pink metallic scarf

coral and rose gold scarf £12.99

Pom Boutique aqua blue metallic print scarf

aqua and silver scarf £12.99


However you like to incorporate colour into your outfits, you'll find lots of vibrant accessory inspiration at Pom Boutique


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