In a spin about silver rings



If you like hand made silver jewellery, you’ll love our sterling silver spinning rings

Here at POM Boutique we love fine quality, hand crafted jewellery and
spinning rings are favourites of ours. Each silver ring is individually hand made
by artisan jewellery makers using traditional techniques

sterling silver spinning rings from POM Boutique 


All of our handmade spinning rings use real sterling silver and you’ll see that
it’s sterling silver because there’s a little ‘925’ stamp on the inside of each ring

What does '925 silver' mean?

The number 925 is used in jewellery making to represent the silver content
of each piece. 925 sterling silver is 92.5% silver and the remaining 7.5% is made up
of other metals.Pure silver is very soft and needs the additional alloy to strengthen it
and allow it to hold its form


Silver brass and copper spinning ring from POM Boutique


Not all of our spinning rings are silver only, mixed metals are used throughout this
beautiful collection. Brass and copper elements are added to many of our
spinning ring designs adding warm tones and creating contrast


Hand made silver spinning rings from POM Boutique


We love to play with texture within our spinning ring designs and often the main band
will be textured in some way. This might include beating the silver to create a gentle
hammered effect, lightly scratching the surface for a matt ‘brushed’ finish
or hand stamping a decorative print onto the silver ring before it’s shaped

Along with copper and brass bands we sometimes use stars, hearts and gemstones
adding contrast, impact and a sense of playfulness to each design

Spinning rings feature on our best sellers list again and again and we can see why,
these silver rings were made to be cherished

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We stock silver rings in sizes extra small to extra large, if you’re not sure what size you need
you can use our ring size guide

Find out how to keep your silver jewellery looking its best


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