How to take care of your jewellery



POM Boutique stock a selection of sterling silver jewellery and plated jewellery
and all of our jewellery is nickel free.

Here at POM HQ we're all jewellery fanatics and we each have pieces that we've loved and worn
time and time again, so we're sharing our top tips for taking care of your silver jewellery
to ensure that it stays looking its best.


1. Over time sterling silver jewellery will tarnish if left in the open

 How to stop silver jewellery tarnishing

Pure silver is relatively soft and so it’s combined with other metals to strengthen it.
Sterling silver is 92.5% silver and it's the other 7.5% that reacts with moisture in the air to cause tarnishing.
So tip number one is to keep your silver protected when you're not wearing it by sealing it away
in a jewellery box, or a grip top sandwich bag will do just fine!


2. If you forget to put your silver away and find that it has tarnished, all is not lost

 How to clean silver jewellery

High street jewellers and online retailers sell a number of cleaning products to restore your silver
back to its former glory. We recommend using a silver cloth for light tarnishing,
simply rub cloth over the silver to remove any tarnish and buff to a shine.

If your silver jewellery has filigree elements that a cloth won’t reach, silver dip will do the trick. Simply dip
your jewellery into the cleaning solution for a shine in seconds.

*Please note that although the majority of sterling silver jewellery can be dipped safely at home,
it may not be suitable for all silver jewellery. For example, silver with a matt finish, plated jewellery
and jewellery containing gemstones may need specialist cleaning.
Please always read the cleaning manufacturers guide carefully to avoid any damage


3. Your perfume could be tarnishing your jewellery

 Is your perfume tarnishing your silver jewellery?

It may sound strange but if you notice tarnishing on items that don’t usually require a lot of cleaning,
it may be a reaction to your perfume or body lotion. Chemicals and moisture within cosmetic
products can cause and/or accelerate tarnishing.

If you find that a piece of silver jewellery has tarnished very quickly or whilst wearing it,
try cleaning it and then wearing it without body lotion or perfume to find out
if cosmetics are the cause.

We also recommend removing jewellery before showering or swimming
to avoid coming into contact with body wash or chlorine.


4. Taking care of jewellery that isn’t sterling silver

 Keep your jewellery looking its best

Our jewellery designs are made from nickel-free alloy which is then plated in a fine layer
of pure silver or other finishes such as gold and rose gold.
Repeated cleaning will eventually rub this layer away revealing the base metals underneath.

In these cases prevention is better than cure.
Store your silver plated, gold plated and rose gold plated jewellery away from strong light and moisture,
preferably in an airtight box or bag, and you should be able to keep them looking tip-top
for a very long time.


We hope this helps to keep your jewellery looking its best
and if you have any tips you'd like to share, please let us know!



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